This Fully Functional, Chat & Text Mobile Phone Is Incredibly Zanco Tiny1

Published on December 29, 2017

The first time you see that you can’t believe it is. Your next thought is why does this exist? If you look a third time you understand how much you want it.

It’s the ‘must have’ gadget of 2018 — If you’re a gadget geek, you have got to have this!

It is an perfect backup or emergency telephone! – It’s so small you can keep in your bag, pocket or glove compartment as a secondary phone.
It’s so damn cute!

The perfect novelty gift — What do you buy somebody who’s got everything?

Use it when you need to travel light – The very small t1 is ideal for joggers, runners, walkers, cyclists and those who get involved in extreme sports as it is so compact it could go in any size pocket.

It’s great as a backup on a night out and some other occasion where you don’t wish to take a bulky phone but still need the reassurance of staying connected.

It’s a fantastic conversation starter, the moment you choose the Zanco tiny t1 out, you’ll be the talk of this bar, office or classroom.
Overseas travel – The Zanco miniature t1 is so small it can go wherever you go.

  • 300 Phonebook memory
    Stores 50 SMS Messages
    Stores the past 50 in/out numbers
    Nano Sim
    32RAM + 32ROM
    12.5Millimeter OLED display
    Micro USB charger
    13 Voice changers

In the race to make better phones with larger screens and sleeker features, designers have missed one important element: The telephones of today just aren’t that cute. So here Are Only a few reasons why you Want that the Zanco tiny t1: Here’s an introduction to the world’s smallest cellphone: The Zanco tiny t1 mobile phone is smaller than your head, lighter than a coin and is ridiculously adorable. The Zanco miniature T1 is attempting to restore the potentially untapped market of cute cellular phones, and it’s entering the field with an important mission: to be the cutest cellphone that has ever existed.

We’re proud to present the world’s smallest mobile telephone. It is so tiny, you won’t think it is real! It’s the ideal gift for any gadget fan and fits in any bag or pocket no matter how small.

PriceĀ Zanco Tiny t1

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